8 Weeks To A Better Relationship

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There are so many ways that our relationships can get off course at various times in our lives: couples who have "drifted apart" may have allowed barriers, built from past issues, come between them. Life-time friends who have a serious difference of opinion find they are unable to approach one another to make amends. Adult children sometimes stay resentful of their parents for perceived mistreatment years after the incident.

What is the most important thing in your life? Is it your career? Money? Things? Family? There is no right or wrong answer here. However, generally when asked the question, many people will say that it is the relationships that they have with their spouses, their kids, their family, and their friends. And even if it is the money, the career, and the other things in your life, isn't it always pleasurable to share those things with a special person in your life?

Conflict can be created when one person shares something which triggers a feeling in yourself. These feelings can be any number of things, but when you are focused on feeling it, you aren't really hearing what the other person is saying anymore. Then the communication takes on the form of a battle. Two people each shouting out their own reality and proving to each other that their reality is the right reality and their partner's reality is wrong.

One of life's most precious gifts is the ability to share one's reality and life experience with another, to articulate needs and feelings, and share what is important.

The Hypnosis for Couples program builds your relationship with another person by learning how to be a better, more understanding partner. People's perceptions are reframed to enable healing of damaged relationships or enhance the stability of relationships that are basically healthy and positive.

Hypnotherapy can bring understanding of relationship communications, awareness of the possibilities of modifications of attitudes, and the importance of and need for creating feelings of confidence and security in and regarding the relationship itself.

This unique, 8 week program gives you an opportunity to explore your relationship within the context of personal growth and awareness. You will deepen the level of truth, honesty, and subsequently the love that you share with each other.

This program challenges you to create a relationship that is based on a foundation of personal integrity and responsibility and takes your relationship to a profoundly deeper level of maturity, wisdom, and beauty.

In hypnosis, you will relax and let in more love. You are able to experience yourself and your partner and listen to what they are really saying to you. You are able to communicate with them in such a way that opens the heart - yours and theirs. And since you are learning these techniques in a state of hypnosis, the learning curve of being able to retain the information and continue using these communication skills is greatly enhanced.


The topics this program covers include:

  • Recapture positive feelings

  • Send love energy

  • Express gratitude

  • Increasing intimacy

  • Release resentment

  • Forgiveness

  • Issue clearing

Private And Group Sessions

This program consists of 8 sessions. Each session combines hypnosis with more conscious work. The sessions can be done alone or with a partner. They have been designed to be done with a partner, but people may wish to do it on their own, or not have a partner who is willing to participate with them in this way. You will get benefits from the program either way you do it.

Private Sessions

If you and your partner would like to enjoy this program in a private session, the following program is for you.

  • 8 sessions

  • 2 hours per session

  • $800

Group Workshops

You can experience this program with others. If you know of other friends or family who would enjoy this program, call about an extra discount.

  • 4 days

  • 4 hours per session

  • $600

Payment plans are available.

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