Find A New Way To Look At The World


We believe in results-focused therapy based on a client-centered philosophy, and can help you discover your inner resources to tackle any problem. Together we can write your health story to create joyful and fulfilling relationships, turn family discord into harmony, and learn to deal with difficult people.

Be assured... there is a reason you have come here today. Perhaps you are here to take that first step to discover a new way of looking at your world, maybe you'll take the personality questionnaire to learn more about yourself, or you can simply have some fun and see how well you think outside of the box. I'm curious about what you'll find...

Located in Pleasanton, California, our counselors provide affordable, high quality counseling services to the Tri-Valley area (Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin) and nearby cities (San Ramon, Danville, Tracy, Mountain House, Castro Valley). Our job is to help individuals, couples and teens.

  • Improve relationships to live healthier, joyful lives

  • Work through life transitions

  • Deal with depression better and increase self-esteem

  • Reduce the effects of anxiety and panic attacks

  • Deal with family conflicts

  • Transition through divorce

  • Integrate families who have re-married (step and blended families)

  • Make parenting easier with practical tools

  • Learn how to deal with teens and pre-teens

  • Find new success in work and business

  • Excel in sports, exercise and fitness

Couples Counseling

We specialize in helping couples communicate better, work through difficult events such as affairs, and find extraordinary connection. Find more information about our couples therapy here.

The most important aspect of therapy: connecting with your therapist. Feeling in rapport with your therapist will make it easier to do the healing work. Call us now to see if you connect:

(925) 485-9370

Using Insurance?

Dr. Gomes participates as a provider for a number of insurance companies. It is important to contact your insurance company to confirm his participation in your specfic plan.

Please be aware that insurance companies allow a limited amount of sessions (typically 10-20). If your insurance companies does not believe your case is "medically necessary", they will not pay for sessions.

Also, insurance companies only pay for certain maintal disorders. The therapist MUST diagnose you and submit that diagnosis to your insurance company. This diagnosis is then part of your insurance record. This may affect your insurance in the future.

We offer low enough rates to make it affordable for long-term success and, by not going through insurance, we don't have to convince administrators that you are "sick" enough for more sessions. This means you and your therapist decide how long you want to work.