Personality Questionnaire Instructions

The purpose of this questionnaire is for you to describe the kind of person you are. When answering the questions, think about how you have tended to feel, think, and act over the past several years.

To remind you of this, on the top of each set of questions you will find the statement:  Over the past several years...

Please answer either True or False to each item. Where:

  • True means that the statement is generally true for you

  • False means that the statement is generally not false for you

Even if you are not entirely sure about the answer, select True or False for every question.

For example, for the question:

 Question XX: I tend to be stubborn.  FALSE  TRUE

If, in fact, you have been stubborn over the past several years, you would answer True.

If this was not true at all for you, you would answer False.

There are no correct answers.

It takes approximately 20 minutes to answer all 99 questions.

This questionnaire is based on the PDQ-4 developed by Steven E. Hyler, M.D. (www.pdq4.com).

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